High-Impact B2B Marketing Solutions

My name is Rachel Finnie and I’m passionate about marketing (in fact, you can read about why I love marketing in an article I posted on LinkedIn). I’m even more passionate about the ability of strategic, well-designed marketing and communications to drive change for people and organizations. Reaching the right audience, at the right time, can move the dial for growth, talent acquisition, or change management. I love working on high-level strategies and working with people who aren’t afraid to try something new. Discover more…

Marketing services for B2B organizations include virtual marketing consultant (a marketer when you need one!), digital marketing strategy (including SEO), internal communications, and brand development (including employer brand). Get back to your area of expertise about and leave the marketing and communications to Rachel Finnie.

I enthusiastically recommend Rachel Finnie. She has proven herself successful in Sr. Management, Project Management, Marketing, and Team Leadership.

—Sr. Sales Director, B2B Manufacturing Company