B2B Marketing expertise, when you need it.

The virtual marketing consultant service is your “right now” solution for B2B marketing success. Marketing today requires a multi-disciplinary team. However, your organization may not be sure if you need a full-time marketing guru just yet. Outsourcing your marketing department could be the right choice for you, if:

  • Your in-house team is small or lacks the expertise or headcount for a given project
  • Your project or marketing needs do not necessitate a full-time, in-house employee
  • You do not have an in-house team

Why hire a Virtual Marketing Consultant for your B2B Organization?

If you’ve read this far, that means you are likely part of a team that does not have anyone at the helm of your marketing strategy (or you’re a competitor – Hello! Let’s have lunch). Get your house in order and reap the benefits of a Virtual Marketing Consultant, today:

  • Enable leadership to focus on their area of expertise and job function
  • Fully understand the state of your in-house marketing before you invest in new staff or programs
  • Coach and lead junior staff to understand and execute strategy
  • Assist with recruitment of in-house marketing team

Pricing for Virtual Marketing Consultant Services

Prices start at $850 CAD/week; weekly and monthly packages available. Contact us for your no-obligation quote.

Discover how outsourcing marketing expertise can save you time and add to your bottom-line. Connect with us today for your no-obligation consultation and quote.